How People Use Mercury

IT Manager

  • Minimizes use of scares IT resources.
  • Faster and easier report delivery.
  • Reduced dependancy and iteration between IT and end-user.
  • Modest annual server-based licensing fee, unlimited users.

Developer / DBA

Minimal startup involvement:

  • Provide connection information for server(s) housing data.
  • Ensure appropriate database permissions for end-users/groups.

On Going:

  • Create stored procedures as needed.
  • Iterations with end-user drastically reduced.

Analyst / End-user

  • Easy, fast report creations.
  • Modify layout in place, as needed.
  • Analyze data directly in place.
  • Latest available data always used.
  • Save, re-use, share your changes and analyses.
  • Iterations with developer drastically reduced.

CareWorks Managed Care Services

Dynamics GP SmartLists were not user friendly or flexible; very time-consuming and required a lot of manipulation and extra steps to create a professional presentation. Often had they to create multiple reports and combine them to get the one report that was needed.

Careworks Managed Care Services now uses Mercury which allows them to extract and deliver data for a professional presentation. They are able to create beautiful layouts with a consistent, professional look for custom or recurring reports.  This in turn saves as much as 90 minutes when running reports in exactly the format needed. 

Industries Using Mercury

Any enterprise with data in SQL Server can use Mercury. Industries already benefiting from the powerful features of Mercury include:

Insurance Services


Gaming (Casinos and Racetracks)

Wholesale and Light Manufacturing

Media Sales

Try Mercury for Free

Try Mercury on a fully-functional 14-day trial. Download and install to use with your own data or try Mercury in a remote desktop session using our demo data. 

Try Mercury For Free

  • Download & Install

    Download and install a fully-functional 14-day trial; use it with your own data. (We can help you install and configure).

    System Requirements

  • Over the Internet

    Try PivotViews in a remote desktop session using our demo data; no installation required.

    System Requirements

    None! (Well, you do need a PC that can run Microsoft’s remote-desktop protocol, which includes practically any Windows PC.)