Installation Requirements


.NET Framework 4.7.2


Crystal Download

If Crystal reports are to be run from within Mercury, a particular version of the Crystal runtime is needed.



Our is available here: EULA

Cancellation Form

You can download the Cancellation Form and email to


Try Mercury for Free

Try Mercury on a fully-functional 14-day trial. Download and install to use with your own data or try Mercury in a remote desktop session using our demo data. 

Try Mercury For Free

  • Download & Install

    Download and install a fully-functional 14-day trial; use it with your own data. (We can help you install and configure).

    System Requirements

  • Over the Internet

    Try PivotViews in a remote desktop session using our demo data; no installation required.

    System Requirements

    None! (Well, you do need a PC that can run Microsoft’s remote-desktop protocol, which includes practically any Windows PC.)